Family Meat Box

Mixed selection box

The family meat box contains a selection of our carefully sourced meats that can be used to produce a range of family meals. The box will be packed and delivered to your door, ready to be used immediately.

Steak Meat Box 

Our finest cuts

The steak meat box includes a range of our delicious steaks, hand cut to be prepared by you as delicious meals. The box will be packed  and delivered to your door, ready to use immediately.

Steak and chop box 

Prime selection

A meat treat with our best selling cuts. Prime Scotch rump steak, Orchard Pork thick pork chops and delicious double lamp chops (plain or mint marinated).


Al fresco living

The BBQ meat box includes a range of our delicious meats that are perfect for a sunny BBQ this weekend.


Dry aged Aberdeen Angus beef
Great British beef produced from native Aberdeen Angus cattle. It characteristically has a fine marbling of cream fat running through the meat, which gives a succulent tender and rich flavour. We hang our beef for a minimum of 20 days before we prepare it, so that our customers can enjoy one of life’s great treats.
Beef Range (per/Kg)
Surrey Farm Fillet Steak PoA
Surrey Farm Sirloin Steak PoA
Surrey Farm Ribeye PoA
Surrey Farm Rump Steak PoA
Minced Beef PoA
Diced Beef PoA
Topside PoA
Brisket PoA
Shin PoA
Skirt PoA
Homemade 100% beefburgers PoA
Calves liver PoA
Short ribs PoA


Saltmarsh Welsh Lamb
The unique environment where the sheep graze gives this award winning lamb its distinctive and very special flavour that is so sought after by connoisseurs of fine meat, and a favourite of top chefs and restaurants.
Lamb Range (per/Kg)
Leg PoA
Shoulder PoA
Loin Chops PoA
Best End PoA
Steak PoA
Liver PoA
Homemade Lamb and Mint burger PoA
Shanks PoA


Orchard Free range pork
Pigs are raised in ideal conditions for a free range life, whether it is the light sandy free draining soil in the coastal area of Suffolk or the pasture covered chalk on the Kent North Downs. On these farms the young pigs are fed with a highly nutritious diet to encourage growth for optimum health and happiness.
Pork Range (per/Kg)
Boneless neck ends PoA
Bone in neck ends PoA
Leg PoA
Loin Chops PoA
Belly PoA
Sausage Meat PoA
Diced PoA
Ribs PoA


Label Anglais free range chicken

Grown to full maturity of 70-80 days using a slow growing breed of chicken carefully selected for its ability to thrive outdoors, and live for almost twice as long as commercial chickens. This gives them a longer and happier life scratching around in the fields and this is reflected in the amazing eating quality of the bird. Fed on a diet including wheat, maize and whole natural oats, the end product is simply incredible in taste and texture, quite unlike any other.

Poultry Range (per/Kg)
Skin on chicken breast PoA
Boneless skinless chicken breast PoA
Diced chicken PoA
Whole chicken PoA
Chicken thighs PoA
Chicken legs PoA
Drumsticks PoA
Chicken livers PoA
Tubs of chicken breast (5kg) £28.99
Duck breast PoA
Duck legs PoA


The Game season begins on the the ‘Glorious 12th August’ through to the end of January. We can stock locally sourced game birds, venison and rabbit. We also stock our own handmade speciality venison sausages.

Want something special

If it’s not on the list please ask us and we will do our best to source it for you.

Telephone: 01727 854006

Other products

Homemade sausages including pork and leek, pork and apple, Lincolnshire, cracked black pepper, sweet chilli, chicken.

Flavours can be made on request.

Smoked/unsmoked bacon PoA
Smoked/unsmoked streaky bacon PoA
Treacle bacon PoA
Homemade honey bacon (subject to availability) PoA
Cooked Meats (all cooked in the shop)
Ham PoA
Salt Beef PoA
Turkey PoA