Dry aged Aberdeen Angus beef

Great British beef produced from native Aberdeen Angus cattle. It characteristically has a fine marbling of cream fat running through the meat, which gives a succulent tender and rich flavour. We hang our beef for a minimum of 20 days before we prepare it, so that our customers can enjoy one of life’s great treats.



Saltmarsh Welsh Lamb

The unique environment where the sheep graze gives this award winning lamb its distinctive and very special flavour that is so sought after by connoisseurs of fine meat, and a favourite of top chefs and restaurants.



Orchard Free range pork

Pigs are raised in ideal conditions for a free range life, whether it is the light sandy free draining soil in the coastal area of Suffolk or the pasture covered chalk on the Kent North Downs. On these farms the young pigs are fed with a highly nutritious diet to encourage growth for optimum health and happiness.


Label Anglais free range chicken

These chickens are lovingly reared with constant access to the outdoors, sunshine and plenty of room to roam on natural grassland. They are reared slowly, to the highest welfare standards using traditional free range farming methods. 


The Game season begins on the the ‘Glorious 12th August’ through to the end of January. We can stock locally sourced game birds, venison and rabbit. We also stock our own handmade speciality venison sausages.